Friday, 9 May 2008

Here is another image for you. Cake! 

Adam's finished updating my website! The address is Let me know what you think. I wanted it to be as simple as possible. 

It's a few days until I start hanging my degree show and I've pretty much finished everything so I'm just playing about with a few new images for the London show. I think it's come to the point in the degree when it's very important not to compare myself to others. With everyone hanging, and more obviously with everyone getting their mark and winning prizes it's going to be too easy to slip into this. I keep imagining myself on an illustration biggest loser or next top model. If I lose I feel rubbish, and if I win I get arrogant. I just need to remember to stay inside my own little bubble and win all the ruth prizes I can get. 


  1. Ruth

    Just been through your site and i think it is wonderful. You have a very individual style which draws you in. The images look safe and gentle but then take on an almost haunting, uncanny feel.

    The simplicity of the site makes it engaging.

    Loved it and i hope your shows go to your satisfaction...stay in Ruth's bubble!


  2. Ruth, I think your site is really good, simple and to the point - this making it easy to engage in yor work.

    I think your work is fantastic, very original and in my opinion verging on fine art.

    Your illustrations leave room for the viewers to have an opinion about what your work means to them personally and not only what they think it is about - as Arturo would say - they are a point of departure for new art.

    I look forward to seeing your exhibitions. Good luck and lots of love,



  3. Hi Ruth,

    Love the 'cake' image, it's awesome. Your colour palette is really nice. Just looked at your website as well, everything looks ace.